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This article relates specifically to subscription membership billing agreements, (which only end payments when you instigate a cancellation). 

If you are considering cancelling your membership due to dissatisfaction, I'd love a chance to put things right for you. Please reach out and let my team and I know what you need, or are having trouble with. Your feedback is the only way we know how to improve. Of course you're welcome to cancel, but I hope you'll give us a chance to support you better if it's within our power to do so. Let me know why you're considering cancelling in a message here:

Recurring membership payments are taken up-front for the coming month/year depending on your payment choice and will continue to be charged on a monthly/yearly basis unless you cancel. You may cancel on your own anytime up to 48 hours prior to a next scheduled payment, to avoid unwanted fees. If you require help with your cancellation, please reach out to us at least 3 business days prior to your next re-bill date so we have enough time to help you.

You can cancel anytime. Partial refunds are not able to be given.

Cancellation takes immediate effect. Therefore, it is advised that if you wish to cancel, to first view any videos and download any resources prior to cancellation as temporary access cannot be given.

If you wish to re-join in the future, you will need to wait until Heart To Freedom is open again, if it is closed at a time you’re interested in re-joining and will have to pay whatever the current price is at that time. You will never experience a price increase for as long as you remain an active member.

If you wish to proceed with cancelling your membershipit is easy to do in 3 simple steps...


Access your Customer Hub.

Click this link to open it in a new window:

You will be prompted to enter the email address you used when purchasing and will then receive an email with a link to access your private Customer Hub.

Alternatively, at the bottom of every receipt is a link that takes you directly to the Customer Hub.


Once you have accessed your Customer Hub, at the top will be a summary of your details.

Click the "Subscriptions" button to locate your recurring billing and choose to cancel.


If you don't mind taking a moment to provide feedback, please let me know why you've chosen to cancel. Perhaps it is for personal reason, or something we could have done better. Regardless why, your feedback will remain private and is invaluable for helping us continue to improve. You can message your reason for cancelling, here:

Thank you for entrusting my team and I with your spiritual and creative growth in this season, it has been an honor to pour into you and I pray the ministry will continue to bless you in other ways and you feel welcome to re-join the membership if it's right for you in the future. You are loved. xx

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