Set Up Account For First Time

This article is for student and member account setup. This process is only necessary the first time you purchase or set up your account. It can also assist if helping you reset your account password. It is not applicable if you have never purchased a course or membership.

If you had an account on CreativeFaithU and did not receive an email about our move away from CreativeFaithU, please contact us so our team can ensure your purchases are accessible before proceeding below. Some students were unreachable during this migration and so we have those accounts on hold until you reach out.

Set Up Your New Account

If you purchase a course or join Heart To Freedom as a member, you will receive a welcome email inviting you to set up your account! 

If you've logged into your account before, you can follow along to reset your password. If you've purchased before but never gained access or received a welcome email, please contact us.

Reach out if your welcome email doesn't arrive with about 15 minutes of completing your transaction. It could arrive in your spam, junk, or promotions folder. If you don't find it, we can get you set up. Sometimes people will accidentally register with a typo in their email, or enroll after they've previously unsubscribed, or similar, which can cause this to not arrive. Once your email arrives, continue below... 

There are 4 simple steps to set up your account:

In your welcome email, you'll be directed to "Set up your account for the first time". Once you locate that email, follow the instructions and you'll be guided through your setup in a matter of a few minutes. Don't step away during the quick process as you'll receive a link that will expire if not used promptly.

  1. You'll click the create password link in your welcome email (This is the link:
  2. At the page you visit, you'll be prompted to enter your registered email address (where the email arrived to you)
  3. Once you submit the form, you'll immediately receive an email to "reset your password" with your own secure and unique link to click (which expires if not used promptly)
  4. At the unique page you visit, you'll create your password of choice and save

Then, you'll be ready to log in with your new details!

Below you'll find step-by-step instructions with screenshots...

1. You'll click the create password link in your welcome email...

This is the link:

2. At the create new password page, you'll be prompted to enter your registered email address...

Your email address and username are the same. Enter the email address you used to join the membership, which is where your welcome email was delivered and click, "Reset Password". Note that if you need to reset your password in the future, this process is the same.

You'll know that you're ready to head to your email inbox if you get this message popping up on your screen after submitting your email address...

3. You'll immediately receive an email with the subject line, "Account Password Reset", which will instruct you to "reset your password" with your own secure and unique link to click. 

Be sure you're waiting for the email to immediately arrive and check your spam, junk and promotions folders if you're not seeing it within a minute or two. You'll need to take prompt action at this point as the link in this email will expire if not clicked and then used promptly.

You can see in this screenshot that your email will look like this and have a long link to click (or copy and paste into your browser).

4. At the unique Reset URL page, you'll create your password of choice.

Not sure how to pick a secure password? You may visit to create a free and secure password to copy if you'd like. We have no relationship with the service and provide it as a solution for you to investigate on your own.

That's it, you'll then be prompted to log in!

This is the screen you'll be directed to once you've chosen a new password and clicked the "Reset Password" button.

You can save and refer to your welcome email anytime for how to login from now on, with your new details!


If you're having trouble setting up your new account, here are a few things to consider...

1. Did you enter a typo, extra blank spaces or characters? Try again if there is any question.

2. Have you checked your spam, junk or promotions folder for an email you're expecting to receive? 

3. Have you given an email time to show up? If you quickly repeat the steps thinking it'll force an email to arrive (which you're certain didn't include typos), our system might be confused and expire your setup process temporarily. Patience will serve you well. Get in touch if things don't seem right.

3. If you're seeing the below screen when you try to click your Reset Password URL, then you've not clicked on it promptly enough and it's expired. Simply start over to issue yourself a new link when you're ready to take prompt action.

Note About Email Deliverability

While setting up your account, you will receive emails from, which will be delivered to you from various systems. The result of this is that there is a potential for an odd email to end up in your spam, junk or promotions folder. Please ensure you check these extra folders if an email doesn't appear to have arrived and then get in touch if things are still not right, taking extra care that you have not entered any typos in your email field, nor any accidental extra spaces or characters in your password fields.

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