Why I Charge For Courses & Memberships

I hope it goes without saying but in case you need to understand my heart... I have always been and remain dedicated to sharing free content. 

I have had my online school several years and in that time, have continued to create new free content all the while. I remain excited about spreading what's on my heart to everyone - regardless of budget.

So why do I charge for my courses and memberships?

My membership program and courses allow me to pour into our community in ways I'm practically unable to do on YouTube, or my blog. I don't physically have the capacity to invest time and money into these larger projects, without sustaining the ministry overhead costs. The reality is, it would be impossible for me to sustain the immense costs involved in operating a ministry of this scale without asking for a fee for some of what I do. It is my duty and responsibility to steward the ministry so it remains viable for me to invest my full time into sowing into others and this all costs money. 

I also believe that we engage with what costs us something. When we have invested our time and/or money, we feel an urge to stay engaged. I feel a responsibility to ensure our community is getting the most of what this ministry has to offer and if I must charge for some of it to both encourage you to get what you came for and for me to sustain the ministry, then I will continue to do this.

It would be silly of me not to share about the opportunity to join these things because I've seen the impact the courses and membership have had on hundreds of individuals. I regularly read the emails of hungry people ready to dive into more of God with me in the membership program and courses. I naturally want that kind of breakthrough for everyone, but I know you are aware of what you need and my heart is to support you at whatever small or big way you most need. So, you may hear about these opportunities from me but know that there is no pressure to get involved, only passion for you to be part of what is impacting others lives too.

I take brief times in the year to open the doors, allowing more people to connect in with these opportunities for me to pour into you guys with more focus. You owe me no apologies and need feel no guilt if these opportunities are not right for you at the time. And, I don't feel upset if these opportunities are not right for you when I share them with you. Maybe one day they will be what you need, and maybe they will be just what another subscriber needed at that time.

If you pop into the footer of any subscription email from me, you can choose to "opt-out of marketing" which will mean I will only email you about free things. You'll miss out on a lot this ministry has to offer, but I 100% respect your decisions and budget. I'm here for you and if my free content is all you need, then I'm still here to serve and support your journey. That's just who I am. My promise of what matters to me has never changed.

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