Fix Missing Purchases

This article is for students and members who believe a purchase is missing from your account. 

What To Do When A Purchase Is Missing

If you purchased a course, or joined Heart To Freedom, but you're not given access when logged in to your account, we can help you resolve this.

A few things to note...

  • Firstly, this article is about missing purchases, NOT account access issues.
    If you believe your whole account is missing, please check that you've not tried to join, set up, or log in with a typo or alternative email and then view Member & Student Support help for Account Access to get help with this specific issue. Now, let's talk about purchases...
  • Check your bank statement.
    Did the purchase come through? If you see it, then you know you've paid and the purchase is yours. Give it a few minutes to show up. Next you need to determine where your email for the purchase is.
  • Did you receive a welcome email?
    If you checked your junk, spam and promotions folder but no email arrived, check any other emails you have to ensure you didn't sign up with a different email than you remember. If you have a bank statement showing a purchase but you don't have an email after 15 minutes, you may have enrolled with a typo (this happens more than you think!), or you may have unsubscribed in the past which would prevent us from emailing you after the purchase. We are very eager to ensure each student and/or member only holds one email as their account and subscription point of contact. If you are receiving emails at more than one place, we can merge your accounts for you.
  • Did you make a course purchase between September 2016 and November 2020?
    If you purchased a course during this period of time when they were sold on Rebekah's CreativeFaithU school, then you have had your purchases migrated to the Grow site. You will have received an email in late November 2020 about this. If it never arrived, please contact us. With so many years of students and transactions, it took over 300 hours for our team to compile the student data to ensure every transaction and student was accounted for. We feel confident we've identified all transactions and we put some on hold because we cannot grant access to a course without being able to email students. Anyone who was unreachable at the time of the migration has their course purchases on hold waiting for you to reach out to us so we can activate your account. We also realize that we are human and will gladly look into anything for you if something doesn't look right. Please be kind to the team, we've worked hard on this migration and we're ready and excited to support you. All course purchases have lifetime access, we must have an email subscription to communicate with you, in order to grant access to the purchases which allow us to support your transaction.  
  • Heart To Freedom member but your membership isn't showing up?
    Follow the first two notes and then ensure you haven't had payments fail which had you automatically cancelled. This happens at times, but we email several times to help out as best we can. Get in touch, we'll be happy to help!
  • All the above notes not resolving things for you?
    Technology has a way of doing things however it wants sometimes. We are always happy to investigate so please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. We ask that you keep in mind that we have humans on the other side of your contact who give 100% of themselves to love on you and are not interested in taking from you in any way. We're in your corner and excited to help you access what you've paid for.

Contact us and let us know what you believe you should be seeing. If possible, please let us know a date or timeframe you purchased and any emails you may have made the transaction with. We'll help any way we can! We answer emails during working hours Monday - Friday, excluding national holidays.

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