How To Search Video Content

This article applies to Heart To Freedom members and the video content within the membership, as well as Page Prep students and the video content within the Page Prep course. 

Ever heard Rebekah say something and then wished you could remember where she said it? 

Maybe you're sure she must have a video on a particular topic but can't work out where to look? 

Perhaps you wish you could collect everything she has said on a particular matter?

Search a word or phrase using the Video Search widget to find the very moment Rebekah says it in any video you have access to. 

Once logged in...

  • Heart To Freedom members will find the "Video Search" menu item under the "Membership" menu option.
  • Page Prep students will find the "Video Search" button on the course overview page.

You can dive right in and use the simple widget, or watch below to get the most from the video search widget!

How To Search Video Content

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