Troubleshoot Zoom Live Session Issues

I'm sorry you're having technical trouble with Zoom! This is pretty unusual. 

The best and fastest solution is to simply try joining with another device and this can usually solve things immediately.

Unless all attendees have the same experience, you can be certain it's as simple as understanding what is going wrong at your end. This isn't something I can do for you, but I believe the following steps will help you get everything squared away.

If you keep losing connection to the Zoom call:

You likely need to address your local Internet capacity. 

Sometimes, if there are multiple devices using the home’s internet bandwidth at the same time, then it can make a Zoom video connection unstable. Try taking other smart phones or television or other computers in the home off of the wifi and Internet during the session. This can be the biggest obstacle, especially for those who live in rural areas which don’t have enough bandwidth to support both video and audio. Once you turn off wifi on unnecessary devices the problems with connecting and getting audio/video working, should solve automatically. 

If this doesn't solve things for you, try turning off your video and only using audio. Perhaps your neighbor is sucking up some extra bandwidth at this time.

To get video and/or audio working:

If you need help with the following, find someone who can look at the computer or device with you, as they may be able to help you spot anything along the way that could resolve things, that I'd be unable to do from where I am.

1. Get into the video and audio settings of your device and check that everything is set up to allow your video and audio to be used and shared. Sometimes you need to allow sharing in your privacy settings too.

2. Once this is done, try opening the Zoom app and starting a meeting with yourself. Check the settings in the bottom of the zoom meeting where you'll see a mic and video icon. If you select the little arrow to the right of each of these, you'll be able to select different settings. This is what they look like...

Play around with these until you get settings that allow your video and audio to work. If this doesn't work, proceed to the next step.

3. Check that your device is up to date. If you're not sure how to do this, search google for something like "How to update a Mac computer" (for example). If it's not up to date, try it again.

4. Lastly, if the problem persists... find zoom on your device and remove it. Then, download a fresh copy here:

5. If none of the above options worked for you, try contacting zoom support, or ask a friend to troubleshoot with you. Hope to see you in a session soon!

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