I have a problem with covering scripture. Tell me your thoughts on this!

I also have a problem with covering scripture which is why I teach 100% transparent creativity. It's important to me that scripture is still able to be read through the tinted color and if there is any concern of obscuring Bible text, I will always opt to put that on the margin instead of over the text. 

My feeling is that it is paramount we respect the Word of God and this is best done by getting into the Word and engaging with it in a manner which allows us to keep on engaging with scripture long after we've finished creatively recording a meaningful time spend in it. 

You'll find my cameras sometimes give the incorrect illusion that the Bible text has been obscured by my artwork which is not the case. Those who have a chance to review my Bible in person are always pleasantly excited about the ability to engage with God through creativity in the Word without obscuring the text. 

If what I'm saying sits well with you, I'd welcome you to join me! At any point you feel uncomfortable with an idea I share, you're always welcome to adapt the creative lesson to be 100% on the margin, or even follow along in a separate sketchbook. I feel keen to help people engage with the Word through creativity in a respectful and life-changing way. If that is something you're comfortable with, please engage with my lessons as much as you feel comfortable. 

If you're still uncomfortable with that, I understand that Bible art journaling is not for everyone. What I would do though, is encourage you to consider your "why". Consider why you feel strongly about this and after answering something like, "I don't want to disrespect the Word of God", ask yourself again, "well, why?" Keep asking why of your next answer until you know there is no deeper reason inside you. If doing Bible art journaling could be a key to going deeper with God, then don't allow your concerns to hold you back. Instead, find a way to reconcile your concerns with creatively engaging with God. Perhaps you are a visual learner and Bible art journaling would make all the difference to propelling you forward spiritually. If that is the case, I challenge you that this be your moment to grab an art journal and create there if you must. 

It's not about where you create, but that you use the concept of Bible art journaling as a tool to help set you on a course to spiritual freedom. 

If this is your moment, grab it with both hands and hold on dear friend. If there is a chance your spiritual freedom can come through the concept of locking in what you've learned in the Word through creative expression, I pray you'll push through and find a comfortable way to engage with this process of connecting with God through creativity in some space - be it a book or Journaling Bible. 

Regardless your decision, know that you can trust I'll keep on encouraging you to engage with God in a respectful manner which is focused on inviting spiritual breakthrough.

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