Can I share your content?

Help spread the love

I'd LOVE to have your help in spreading the message of this art ministry, so more lives can be impacted by God's love through creativity. 

The best way to share is to  hit that share button on blog posts, or copy a blog url to send to a friend, so others can find the full content I've got available on a topic you want others to know about. 

On social media, you can help by clicking the "thumbs up" on YouTube and "like" Facebook posts to tell those platforms you think they should share the content too!

Share your own content with us!

If you have learned from or been inspired by me and are sharing what you've created as a result, please let people know that you learned from or were inspired by Rebekah R Jones and provide a link to my blog, with your post. I appreciate your support in helping me spread the word about this ministry's impact on you. 

Avoid breaking copyright

All of my content, free and paid, is protected by copyright law. I work incredibly hard providing meaningful content and ask that you respect my terms and conditions, by not using my content beyond your own personal and private consumption. 

All free and paid-for content (in all formats), is for personal use only. If you wish to do a group study, wonderful! Just ensure each group member signs up individually. Having one person make copies of content for friends and/or using devotional studies as if it is your own, is against copyright law and unfair to my hard work and desire to minister properly to each individual who seeks to learn from this ministry.

If you wish to publish my content, you may contact me with requests.

Please DO hit the share button to help others find what you've found. Please do NOT share what you subscribed via email for, or paid money for. 

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