How a student Payment Plan works

Payment Plans have an upfront payment, followed by a set amount of recurring payments which end at a set date.

Some courses offer a payment plan to help spread the cost of the course over time. After paying your 1st installment (on the date of enrollment), you’ll have additional payments which will be automatically taken monthly, (from the date of enrollment). Each course with this payment option, will clearly state how many installments will be made.

Note that with a Payment Plan, you do not "own" the purchase until all your payments are paid in full. Because of how our technology works, you would automatically lose access to your purchase, if you do not finish with all the payment installments, at which point you would need to register again at full price.

For a variety of reasons, sometimes payments will fail or be declined. We automatically re-try failed payment attempts to help you retain access to what you're paying for. You will be sent a series of emails to help resolve things if this happens. Moving forward, payments would continue on the usual schedule until your final payment is made. If attempts to recover a payment were not successful, course access would automatically and sadly be revoked. Because of how technology works, I would be unable to reinstate this billing for you in the future and a new enrollment at full price would be necessary to regain access when enrolling at a later date.

Once you have paid in full, you will not be billed again. 

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