How a One-Time Student Payment works

One-time payments only occur once.

Some Rebekah R Jones courses and/or events will have a one-time fee to register or enroll. 

Rest assured, we most definitely will not charge you more than once, if your sales page and checkout page clearly communicates a one-time fee.

If you choose to pay via PayPal instead of by credit or debit card, then PayPal may communicate that you have an ongoing agreement with us, even though you've made a one-time payment. You can be assured this is simply a communication challenge which their team are actively working on improving and only wishes to express that you will not lose access to what you paid for. 

After a full payment is complete, you are welcome to cancel the PayPal agreement, as it will not trigger a loss of access to your purchase and is not something we have control to improve on our end. 

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