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When you select to pay, you’ll be transferred to a  fully secure checkout page hosted by my cart platform ThriveCart, where your payment will only be processed by Stripe, an industry leader in securing payments with 256-bit encrypted checkout.

I take your security very seriously and that is why I chose to invest in only the best cart platform and payment processor, to ensure your details are always handled with only the very best care available in the industry.

Stripe handles your payment securely and passes to myself, only the minimum information needed to process your order, never exposing your actual payment details such as your card number, expiry date or CCV. For your security, nobody from my team or I, will ever ask for your payment details via chat, email, or phone. You always remain in control of your payment details.

If you have purchased anything with your card number online, you have most likely had your card processed by Stripe, whose payment processing system sits on large and small sites across the globe. They don’t just meet security standards… they set security standards which competitors try to look up to.  I’ve invested heavily to ensure your data and payment information is entirely secure with only the best industry leaders.

Payments are securely processed by Stripe while ThriveCart host your order information such as name, email, product, amount, etc., even allowing you to securely update payment details, or cancel anytime, within your login area.  Stripe and ThriveCart take your security more seriously than I’ve seen anywhere in the industry.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us. Rest assured, your security is incredibly important to me and is handled with the utmost care and respect.

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