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This help site is packed with answers to frequently asked questions and more. I could have already answered your question.  🙂

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If my help docs here don't answer quests or you'd like to get in touch for another reason, get in touch with the support widget in the bottom right of this page, or email:

My team and I will respond as quickly as possible during working hours Mon-Fri, (excluding holidays). I look forward to hearing from you! 


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Rebekah R Jones
Admiral’s Yard, Low Rd, Suite 42,
West Yorkshire,
LS10 1AE,
United Kingdom

*Important… If the value of your package is over about $30USD, it will likely be refused due to import tax customs fees becoming due to accept the package. Ensure you mark it as “gift” on the label to assist in your package not being turned away.

Please note that I love to support the products and companies I believe in.You are welcome to send me products as a gift, with no expectations to use them, or return them. If I like them (and have the time), I will share them with my community.

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