How to join and interact in the Rebekah R Jones Facebook Group

In this help doc, you'll learn how to join our facebook group, interact there and get the most out of it, including taking advantage of Units and adjusting your notification settings.

Request to join the free Facebook Group

This group is dedicated to supporting those who follow and engage with Rebekah's Bible art journaling teaching.

Visit this link to request to join:

Be sure you answer all 3 questions to avoid your request being declined.

View the group rules

Once a member, please view our group rules in Unit 1 before you interact:

Learn about Facebook Group features

Facebook has fantastic help documentation to help you, in their Facebook Help Center. I recommend you check it out and follow their advice, as it's fabulously helpful.

Access "Units"

As a member, you'll find our Social Learning Units really useful! Head over to the Units tab to get started and keep track of your progress with all this ministry has to offer inside the group.

On a computer, navigate to the facebook group and then view the top left navigation to select "Units".

Depending on your mobile device, the interface may be slightly different, but you'll likely find this bar, where you may look for "Units" to tap and get started.

Adjust Group Notifications

Want to receive more or less notifications about what's going in the group? To alter your group notification settings once a member...

  1. On your computer, visit the group page:
  2. Locate and click the Notifications button pictured below
  3. Select your preference

I recommend selecting 'All Posts' until you get settled in. You can then reduce your notifications to 'Highlights' to avoid overwhelm. Check in at least weekly so you don't miss anything going on, as you likely will miss posts from me if you reduce notifications. 

If you're looking for the Prophetic Arts for Jesus Facebook Group, please see the following article:

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