I entered the giveaway with the wrong email. Help!

If you prefer to be contacted elsewhere

If you simply used an email address which isn't your favorite one, wait until you receive your first email from me, then head to the footer of the email and click to Update Subscription so you can adjust where is best to reach you.

If you made a typo

If you believe you may have entered a giveaway with an email address which had a typo or similar, the email you entered will bounce when I first try to email it. In this case, just enter the giveaway again and I'll discard the invalid entry. 

My giveaways are protected from spammy accounts trying to break the fun by entering repeated. To re-enter legitimately, try opening the giveaway link (http://giveaway.rebekahrjones.com), on a different devise or browser and then you’ll be able to enter again. 

Please note that only 1 valid entry per person is allowed, per giveaway. This solution is only for those who have mistakenly entered an incorrect email.

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