Course refund policy

This article relates specifically to courses, (which have a one-time payment, or a payment plan which ends). Courses are not the same as a membership or subscription, (which only end payments when you instigate a cancelation).

We have 2 kinds of courses which each have a different refund policy.

For courses where you access content on the date of enrollment, or shortly thereafter, there is no refund available, understandably. We keep the cost of these courses low to minimize your investment and have fantastic feedback.

For courses like Page Prep, where content is unlocked over a period of weeks and is a greater financial investment, you may enroll risk free with a 14 day 100% money back guarantee which needs to be taken advantage of by the end of the 14th day after purchase date.

Refunds are rarely given simply because so few students ever wish to ask for a refund. If you need one though, please reach out to us. We find in most cases where a request comes in, a student just needs some assurance or guidance on where to find what they've paid for. If we cannot resolve your concerns, we'll happily provide your money back for courses which qualify.

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