What is Bible art journaling and Bible journaling?

Bible art journaling AND Bible journaling

Bible art journaling and Bible journaling are terms both now widely recognized as a process of making a meaningful and respectful record directly on the pages of a Journaling Bible, with some form of artistic, creative, or crafty expression. 

The goal should be to "lock in" what has been learned spiritually during reading and studying a section of scripture, by activating visual and kinesthetic learning... through creating images. Both are great spiritual tools which are especially life changing for visual and kinesthetic (hands-on/doer) learners.

Perfection or artistic beauty isn't the goal. Growing spiritually can be helped by locking in a spiritual learning moment through the act of creative expression.

Essentially, the idea is to engage more freely with the Word of God in new ways and to record personally inspiring scriptures in creative and artistic ways, which serve to remind us of moments in our personal journey with God and help us grow in our faith.

Bible art journaling VS. Bible journaling

"Bible art journaling" is often confused with "Bible journaling".

Bible journaling was a used for many years to explain a technique used for meaningful note-taking in the margins of Journaling Bibles. This term became overshadowed in 2014 when it got picked up by those trying to find language for how they were using Journaling Bibles for creative expression which moved beyond simple note-taking. Bible journaling in its original form has no contest to the large movement of people using the term to now encompass a more craft-like expression in the Word. 

With Bible journaling, you'll find a scrapbooking style of stickers, die-cuts and pretty lettering mixed with card making craft techniques such as stenciling and ink blending. I have taught many examples of this creative expression, as it is a great entry point into creating in the Word to grow spiritually!

Bible art journaling is a term which I came up with in 2014 when I launched the Bible Art Journaling Challenge. I couldn't find a term which best described what I would be teaching, nor could I find anyone teaching what I wanted to teach. So, I made up the term and then launched something I felt would give instruction on how to proceed. To help people come on the journey, I have taught both forms of creativity in the Bible Art Journaling Challenges.

My background in art and my passion for helping people grow spiritually with creativity as a tool, led me to teach people more artistic expression, rather than a simpler crafty expression. Both are great and have their place!

I believe everyone is able to create art if they are willing to learn and while it is entirely okay to just do Bible journaling, there is often a point which a "Bible journaler" reaches, where they wish they could creatively express something beyond what a sticker or stencil allows. At this point, they can venture into Bible art journaling... 

It's a form of art journaling done directly on the pages of a Journaling Bible which can include many of the same supplies and techniques as Bible journaling, but then branches out to include drawing and painting techniques which are a bit more technical. Beginners can jump in with the simplest of techniques and tracing is a great way to learn to draw. 

The time for Bible journaling and Bible art journaling

I teach both bible journaling and Bible art journaling. 

I'm always going to encourage you to take a step of courage and begin Bible art journaling so you are free to create whatever is in your mind, when you spend creative time with God. Use those Bible journaling tools and techniques to get in the Word without intimidation. Dive into Bible art journaling when your timidity wears off and you're ready to feel of sense of confidence to create whatever you want without your supplies restricting your outcome... it's time to do some Bible art journaling. 

I'm here for you all the way through both Bible journaling and Bible art journaling. Just go for it. Step in. Get your feet wet. You'll find more of God's Word hidden in your heart each time you create with Him in the Word.

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