How To Complete Lessons & Track Progress

This article is for students and members who want to track progress in courses as they complete lessons in paid for courses. 

Below you will find: 
  • How to complete lessons
  • How to track course progress 
  • Hands-on video tutorial

How To Complete Lessons

Want to be able to track your progress as you complete lessons?
When you've completed watching and/or reading a lesson, click the green 'Complete' button below the content, to have the lesson marked as completed and be automatically redirected to start the next lesson available (or to be notified of completing the full course if none are left to complete). Note this works the same for trainings.

How To Track Course Progress

At the bottom of any course overview page, you'll see your lessons and trainings listed. There you will find an empty grey circle for all lessons not yet started, a yellow and grey circle on any lesson where you've completed some of the trainings within the lesson and a yellow checked circle for completed lessons and trainings.

To view what percentage of course you have completed thus far, you may view the course overview page, or any lesson, just below the featured image for the course.

You may also view your course progress anywhere where a course grid is present, if you are a Heart To Freedom member.

Hands-on video tutorial

If you believe you have followed the help in this document but are not seeing the results you expect, Contact us and let us know what you believe should be happening and we'll be happen to help any way we can! We answer emails during working hours Monday - Friday, excluding national holidays.

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