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This article will help you troubleshoot when a form is giving you trouble.

In the past I've had to ask you to sign up via a form, in order to receive downloads on my blog, even if already subscribed to a series that download is a part of. This process is being updated with new technology available to us. In time, you'll notice series emails you sign up to will invite you to start downloading directly from your emails without having to additionally request these via a form. Check your emails as you may not even need to request the download you're interested in, if you've received an email regarding the lesson which that download is associated with. Thank you for your patience while I actively update this method across the whole ministry in the coming months.

If you're having trouble with a download form...

If you need to figure out how to request a download, (rather than troubleshoot form errors), see the above related articles. 

It's rare that people encounter issues with download forms but we've never run into a problem we can't fix.

I have a few different types of form systems and each have their own technical requirements to work properly. My team and I are actively updating forms across our sites to make them simpler for you to use now better technology is available to us. Thank you for your patience as this is a several month project.

Here are a few common things to help fix form errors...

  • Enable browser cookies
  • Ensure your browser is up to date
  • Ensure your device is up to date
  • Try using a different browser and/or device

99% of the time, one of these things will be the culprit. 

The most common error you may encounter is the following...

" says Something went wrong. Error code: Enable cookies in your browser and try again"

If you are seeing this error message, you may have cookies disabled in your browser, which would prevent my form from sending your request to me.

Try enabling cookies in your browser. If you're not sure how to do this, try searching google for "how to enable cookies on _________ browser", entering the name of your specific browser. 

Once your browser cookies are enabled, you can try to request the download again. You can simply disable cookies again when finished and remember to turn them back on when requesting downloads in the future. 

If you discover that you have already enabled cookies and are seeing this message anyway, please ensure you've tried the common things to help fix errors which are listed above and if the problem doesn't resolve, contact me and include the following information so I am best able to assist you without unnecessary delays:

  1. If you have enabled browser cookies, (we'll request if you have not.)
  2. Which download you are trying to request, (also adding a url link is helpful too, this will help us identify which form is responsible.)
  3. What device you are using, (Microsoft PC Desktop, Macbook Air, Android Phone, iPhone, etc.)
  4. What browser you are using, (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, etc.) 
  5. If your device AND browser are fully updated or not, (we'll request you do if not.)

This information may be enough to immediately recognize how to get things fixed for you. If we cannot immediately assist, we'll reach out to our technical support with this necessary information so they may troubleshoot as quickly as possible on our behalf. 

If you have any further or different trouble requesting downloads, feel free to contact me with an explanation of what happened when you tried the above solutions and we'll try to help out! 

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