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This article will help you with receiving your download via email, getting a download to start downloading, finding a download and getting a download to print, which was already downloaded.

Get help receiving your download via email

If you're already subscribed to a series, you may find the download linked in the email for that associated lesson. This is a method we're actively updating across the ministry, thank you for your patience. 

If you've just requested a download via a form, you should receive an email enabling you to start downloading, within about 1-15 minutes after submitting a form.

If your download email hasn't arrived within 1-15 minutes after requesting view the related article: Troubleshoot not receiving emails

Get a download to start downloading

Consider using a computer which has printer access, for best results. 

In some cases, when you click to download link from me in an email I've sent to you, the file will open in your browser. In this instance, above the file preview will be a control bar which looks like this...

To instigate downloading, you simply click on the right-hand download icon... 

In other cases when you click the download link in an email from me, the file may just automatically start downloading to your device. You'd just agree to where the download should be saved and confirm that action to start automatically. 

Sometimes, technology can be silly. If this process isn't feeling simple, here are a few things to troubleshoot/consider...

  • Check your downloads folder in case it was automatically downloaded without your being aware.
  • Temporarily disable any ad blockers on your browser as they can sometimes interfere.
  • Ensure your browser is up to date.
  • Ensure your device is up to date.
  • You may need to be on a computer for the download to be successful.

99% of the time, one of these things will be the culprit. Most of the time, we find it's an ad blocker which can be blamed. That automatic download feature which makes saving your download simple, can be blocked by your browser mistaking the feature as an ad trying to pop up automatically. 

If you're not sure how to disable ad blockers, try searching google for "how to disable ad blockers on _________ browser", entering the name of your specific browser. You can simply turn it back on when finished. 

If you have any further trouble, feel free to contact me with an explanation and we'll try to help out!

Find a download which was downloaded

Once you've clicked a download link in an email, you should automatically have saved the download to your device. In some cases, you may be prompted to select where you would like your download file to be saved before allowing the automatic download to begin. Take note of where this location is, so you can navigate to it once the download is complete, to find the file waiting for you. In many cases, devices have a "Downloads" folder which may be where yours automatically was saved if you didn't select a location for it to arrive. 

If you cannot see the file but know it was downloaded, try finding a family member or friend who can help you identify where it was downloaded, since they'll be there with you to search around your device file storage. If all else fails, you have no expiration on downloading the file so feel free to do it again if necessary. 

Get a download to print

If you have received and located your download file and wish to print it, please note that my team and I are unable to support you with printing as the process varies considerably depending on the device you have and how up to date the device is. Once you have a download file in your possession, it is something we don't have control of and thus, are less able to help. What you can be assured of is that there is nothing wrong with the file you are trying to print. It has been tested before sending it to you and has likely already been downloaded and printed dozens, if not thousands of times by others in our community. We do have some general advice though...

If you have difficulties getting your download to print, firstly try to print it from a different device. This may just resolve things for you! Sometimes mobile devices encounter difficulties sending print information to a printer, so try using a desktop or laptop computer when attempting to print. You may also wish to check if your device and your printer are both fully updated to ensure they are compatible and working at their best. If the difficulty persists, try asking a friend or family member to help, as they'll be able to sit in front of your device and troubleshoot effectively with you. If you both cannot resolve the difficulties, try contacting support for your printer by searching online for "_________ printer support" (entering the make and model of your printer). If their help articles don't resolve things for you, explain to their support team that you wish to print a PDF file and what is happening when you attempt to print. Any one of these troubleshooting bits of advice could be the solution you're after. I pray it is a simple solution for you!

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