Learn how and where to request downloads

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This article WILL help you identify how and where to request a download which you're interested in. This article will NOT help you identify downloads which may interest you. View articles above to find freemium downloads which may interest you. 

If you need to figure out where and how to request a download...

Once you've identified that a blog post or page has a download you want to request, look for a yellowish box on the post/page. Below are 2 different examples of these boxes...

Once you click on the, "click here" linked text, a form will pop up on your screen to allow you to request your desired download. The form may look slightly different than the below example but will be perform the same function for you.

Simply fill in your details and you'll be subscribed with your request sending that particular download right to your inbox!

If you decide it's not for you, tap/click outside the form area or where you see the "X" at the top right and you'll be returned to the page beneath. On mobile, you may need to wriggle your viewing around a bit in some cases to reveal a way out. Apologies for any inconvenience!

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