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This article will help you troubleshoot not receiving any emails which you expected to receive.  If your question is about an email which should contain a download, you may wish to view the above related article.

There are 2 ways you can receive emails from me...

  1. If you contact me, you'll receive a quick automatic response to let you know your email was received and then we'll get in touch as quickly as possible within working hours, Mon-Fri, (excluding holidays). 
  2. If you subscribe to receive emails from me by filling out a form, you'll first receive any specific resources or downloads you requested, before being subscribed to receive emails which I understand may interest you. These may include my weekly news emails on Fridays and any of my series' which will support your creative journey with God. If You're welcome to unsubscribe or adjust your preferences any time in the footer of any of these emails.

Troubleshoot receiving emails

In all cases, if you're not finding an email which you believe you should have from me...

Check your junk, spam and promotions folders just in case it's hiding from you. By dragging the email to your inbox, you can "train" your email account that you prefer my emails in your inbox.

When you've contacted me...

If you don't receive your automatic response in a short period of time, you may have contacted me with an invalid/false email address which would mean I'm unable to respond. Check your junk, spam and promotions folders for that automatic response and then get in touch again if you believe I've not got your correct email address.

With subscription emails...

*If you have not opened a subscription email, OR clicked on ANY links in ANY subscription emails in the last 90 days, OR have images disabled while viewing my emails, then any emails you expect to receive as part of a series, may have been discontinued until you're able to indicate interest again. This is to ensure emails will show up in the inbox, for all subscribers (instead of spam). If you suspect this has happened to you, watch for the news emails on Fridays and ensure you open and click on a link within the body of the email, making clear that you have images enabled before doing so. If the problem persists, contact me and my team and I will assist.

Ensure you've subscribed with the email address you're expecting your emails to arrive at. It's surprisingly common for people to subscribe with multiple email addresses and then forget which one they used. Check your other email accounts to be sure it's not waiting for you elsewhere. Also consider if you submitted the form with a typo. This happens quite often and if it does, just re-submit the form of your choosing being careful about spelling errors.

Your email subscription is associated to your email address. You can subscribe to and request as many resources as you want from us and if you use the same email address each time, all your subscription preferences will be saved on the same subscription account. 

I highly encourage you to choose your preferred method of communication and not to mix this up by subscribing with multiple emails which may cause you to feel "over subscribed" due to my system being unable to know which emails you've already received to another inbox. You're encouraged to update your subscription details via the link in the footer of any subscription email if you change email address, which will transfer your subscription to the new inbox without "starting over". 

If your download and/or subscription email hasn't arrived within 1-15 minutes after requesting it and you've already identified the email isn't in your junk, spam or promotions folders, it is safe to say that you could have submitted your request with a typo in your email. Simply fill in the form again being careful to spell your valid email correctly. The false email will simply bounce, so notifying us isn't necessary.

If you're certain you've subscribed with the correct email address but are not receiving any emails from me, first consider if you've already subscribed to the particular series in the past at some point. If you've already been through a series, I don't currently have a way for you to go through that particular series again via email, but this will change in the future as I improve things. If you can't remember if you already signed up, contact me. My team and I will be happy to check for you to ensure everything is as it should be.

Would it be meaningful for you to be able to go through a challenge multiple times? Feel free to contact me and let me know your feedback. In the meantime, you'll find a full archive of all published lessons at the bottom of each challenge page through this link: You can also head to the Facebook group and look in "Units" to do this. More on that here: How to join and interact in the Rebekah R Jones Facebook Group

If you believe you should be receiving emails and none of this troubleshooting information has resolved things for you, please contact me so I can investigate. In extremely rare cases, we've had subscribers be falsely marked automatically as having unsubscribed and complained that my emails are spam... this puts a block on the subscription so I'm unable to contact you with subscription emails, (though support interaction will be possible). I'm happy to investigate if there is any chance you've been affected by this. We can resolve it once made aware.

Lastly, there is one other thing to consider... if you have unsubscribed from my emails in the past and have now subscribed again (anything relating to this ministry), there is an outside chance that whatever form you've subscribed to, hasn't fully registered that you'd like to start receiving emails again. If you think this may be the case in your instance, you may re-subscribe at this basic form here: It will help our system to realize you're ready to receive emails again. This re-subscribe form will not send any emails but will turn on your subscription again. After this, you can re-submit whatever form you had previously tried without success. If this was a purchase, get in touch with me and our team will help you out.

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